Our Ethics

Fair & Firm Business

  • Clearing of consignments for home consumption, warehousing, in-bond, ex-bond, SEZ, re-import and high sea sale.

  • ATA Carnet clearances.

  • Clearing of Diplomatic & International NGO’s cargo, cars and mail bags.

  • Clearance of “dry ice” and “perishable” shipments.

  • Processing and clearance under DEEC, DFIA, EPCG and DFRC scheme.

  • Processing and cancellation of customs bond (viz. PD bond, test bond, etc.)

  • Consultancy and advice on imports and SVB matters.

  • Submitting daily status report of import consignments.

  • Clearance of consignments under Duty Free, scheme and Drawback Shipping Bills.

  • Processing drawback (refund claims).

  • Submitting daily status report of export consignments.

  • Providing consultancy and advice on exports and re-exports.

  • Diplomatic & International NGO’s Shipments and mail bags.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage